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The key to an efficient assembly and rework application is to maintain proper tip temperature and avoid damage, which is why SensaTemp® from PACE has become a leading technology in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Your run-of-the-mill soldering station may indicate it’s soldering at, for instance, 700°F. However, that temperature display only indicates the heat of the soldering pencil. It does not take into account the additional heat generated when coming in contact with the solder and component or printed circuit board.

This is precisely where SensaTemp® technology is leaps and bounds more efficient for general and precision soldering applications.

What is SensaTemp®?

SensaTemp® is a highly responsive, close-looped temperature control system, featuring a high-precision laser-trimmed sensor.

SensaTemp® recognizes the work’s thermal load, and instantly provides the heat required for safe, rapid reflow. Significantly reducing the chances of operator damage, The PACE MBT stations installed with SensaTemp® provide an advanced thermal process control. This control allows you to solder at a safer, lower temperature. And according to PACE, this allows you to get consistent results even during heavy, continuous use.

There are numerous configurations of MBT stations with SensaTemp® technology on our site and you can check them out here.

If you have any questions about PACE or any soldering stations on our site, reach out to our experts at

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Edsyn 951sx ESD-Safe Soldering StationThe Edsyn 951SX Loner® is a compact ESD-safe soldering station, perfect for single operator work areas. By containing an iron, power supply, temperature control, and a sponge holder, all in one compact station, the 951SX gives you the control that you need without taking up too much space on your workbench.


  • Power requirement: 120 volt, 60 Hz
  • Heater rating: 120 volt, 95 watt
  • Power rating: 15-220 watts
  • Temperature range: 400°F – 800°F (205°C – 427°C)
  • Temperature regulation: ±6°F (±3°C)
  • Tip-to-ground voltage leakage/resistance: <2 ohms
  • Overall dimensions: 4.1 x 8.2 x 10”

Have any questions on the Edsyn 951SX? Leave a comment below or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351!


Product Spotlight: Hakko FX-888D

by Andy on December 12, 2012

Hakko FX-888D ESD-Safe Soldering StationWe are happy to announce that we are now taking orders for the new Hakko FX-888D! This soldering station is the new, digital version of the popular Hakko FX-888. By using a new digital interface this unit allows for 2-5 temperature presets, letting you quickly swap temperature settings for different soldering jobs. These presets and the digital calibration greatly simplifies user setup and operation. This station should also feel very familiar, as it uses the same FX88801-02 hand piece that was featured with the FX-888 station. By using the same hand piece, it not only provides a familiar feel for those who are used to Hakko products, but also allows you to reuse old hand pieces from FX-888 stations.


  • ESD-Safe compact unit takes up little space while protecting sensitive projects
  • Soldering iron contains a ceramic heating element with rapid 30 second heat-up and fast thermal recovery
  • Digital display in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, with user selectable preset temperatures
  • Password protection and low temperature alarm provides process control
  • Thin grip soldering iron for easier use

The Hakko FX-888D will start shipping January 21, 2013. You can visit our website for more information, or to place your order early to ensure you get yours as soon as it is available!


Going on now through June 30, 2012,  save 10% on these (5) select power units from Weller!

Additional details and features of these Weller Power Units include:

  • Weller WD1 Station Weller WD1 ESD-Safe Digital 85W Soldering Power Unit: Compatible with WSP80 and WMP soldering pencils.


  • Weller WD1M Station Weller WD1M ESD Micro Digital 160W Solder and Rework Station: Compatible with WMRS soldering pencil and WMRT desoldering tweezers.


  • Weller WX2 Station Weller WX2 ESD-Safe WX Series Digital Dual Channel Soldering Station: Supports operation of two 120W soldering tools simultaneously.


  • Weller WX1 Station Weller WX1 ESD-Safe WX Series Digital Single Channel Soldering Station: Compatible with WXP65, WXP120, WXP200, WXMP soldering pencils & WXMT desoldering tweezers.


  • Weller WR2 Station Weller WR2 ESD-Safe Digital Soldering/Rework Power Unit: Dual independent tool channels with automatic tool recognition.


Take advantage of these great offers today!


Green Soldering Irons from Weller

by Andy on October 14, 2011

While we are running our contest to find the oldest working Weller soldering tool you may find yourself in need of a more modern replacement. Weller is currently producing a line of soldering stations that are not only top of the line products, but also can help save money on energy costs.

The Weller WX series soldering station monitors and controls the use of the equipment attached to constantly change the energy output as needed. This allows the unit to automatically put items on stand-by or turn them off when not in use, saving energy and money for the operator. By constantly monitoring the power output this station can also increase the life of the attached products, giving you even more use with the already long lasting Weller products.

Weller Soldering Station Weller WX soldering stations can be used with the WXP series soldering irons, WFE series fume extraction units, and WHP series preheating plates.

Have you used these or any other green soldering systems? Let us know your thoughts and experience with them in the comments!