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Weller Soldering Tip #6

by Andy on July 3, 2008

Confirm that the manufacturer’s recommended soldering temperatures match the range of temperatures that are required in the application. One additional suggestion is to try and lower the operating temperature of the tools, even if the soldering dwell time is lengthened by several seconds. This will also assist in extending tip life; 90° F lower in temperature can improve tip life by more than 50% when no other variables are introduced.

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Weller Soldering Tip #1

by Andy on May 29, 2008

Customers are always interested in tips and tricks for solder and soldering. Weller knows this and has been generous enough to give us a list of tips on how flux, solders and maintenance can shorten or extend the life expectancy of soldering tips.

Every Thursday for at least the next two months, we’ll post a handy tip from Weller.


#1 Use temperatures as low as possible to perform a soldering application, even in Lead-Free environments. Process dwell times have increased for all Lead-Free applications including Wave and Batch Oven processes. Why would Hand Soldering applications be any different? Normal hand soldering dwell times for lead bearing solders: 3 to 5 seconds, for Lead-Free solders: 8 to 10 seconds.