TechSpray’s new line of Precision-V cleaners are formulated to reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) within your facility.  They’re powerful, leave no residue, evaporate quickly and are ideal replacements for cleaners containing CFC 113, HFC-141b and AK225 (due to be phased out by 2015).

The line includes flux removers, parts cleaners and universal solvents for circuit boards, metal parts, barcode instruments, switch boxes, engines and more. Sizes range from 10 oz aerosol cans for spot applications to 5 gallon drums for vapor cleaning. There are also plastic-safe universal cleaners for sensitive plastic components, packaging and casements.

Features include:

  • Non-flammable
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Safe on electronics
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Zero residue
  • Safe on most plastics
  • EPA SNAP approved
  • Low VOC
  • Vapor-degreaser formula
  • Dielectric strength – 14 kv (universal cleaner)
  • Dielectric strength – 23 kv (plastic-safe cleaner)
  • Ideal for sensitive plastics (plastic-safe cleaner)

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Techspray Overstock Sale Still Going Strong!

by Andy on October 15, 2012

1671-10S Techspray DusterWe are continuing our overstock sale on the Techspray 1671-10S duster while supplies last! For a limited time you can get this duster for only $5 a can when you purchase 2 cases (24 cans) or more at a time.

Not only is this a great deal, but it is on a great duster as well. The 1671-10S features an odorless, non-flammable, non-ozone depleting, moisture free inert gas. This duster can be used on all sorts of sensitive equipment, helping to remove even microscopic contaminants such as lint, dust, and other soils.

Act now while we still have some in stock! As soon as we run out of the 1671-10S this deal will be gone, so visit or call customer service at (800) 537-0351 to place your order today!


Design:Techspray 1671-10S Aerosol Duster

The Techspray 1671-10S is an ultra pure non-flammable aerosol duster.  This duster has a zero ozone-depleting factor.  The 10oz aerosol sends out powerful clean bursts of air that dislodge and remove microscopic contaminates including lint, dust, and other soils.


  • Non-flammable
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Odorless
  • Moisture free inert gas
  • Made with HFC-134a
  • RoHS compliant


While supplies last when you purchase a minimum of 2 cases (24 cans) get this duster for $5.00 per can!

For more information on the Techspray 1671-10S aerosol duster promotion, go to or call customer service at (800) 537-0351 to order today.