Tech Wear ESD-Safe Garments You may be familiar with Tech Wear as the name behind ESD-safe coats and jackets, but let’s take a closer look at the fabrics that make up Tech Wear ESD-safe garments. To begin with, Tech Wear coats and jackets are available in a variety of styles with colors ranging from blue to burgundy to teal. Other distinguishing features include:

  • Cuffs or no cuffs
  • Lapel style collars or V-necks
  • Optional grounding snaps
  • Set-in sleeves or raglan sleeves
  • Hip-length, mid-thigh length or knee-length

The V-Neck, Traditional and Hallmark styles from Tech Wear are made from the OFX-100 fabric. Made up of 87% polyester and 13% carbon, this fabric is both groundable and breathable. Having a surface resistivity of 105 ohms/sq, the OFX-100 provides excellent ESD performance and is very lightweight at only 2.3 ounces per square yard. This fabric also meets the National ESD Association’s requirements to maintain its continuity for 2 years or 100 washes.

Tech Wear ESD-Safe Garments 2 Our most popular Tech Wear style, the static shielding Econoshield coat, is made with the ECX-500 fabric, composed of 98% polyester and 2% carbon. At 3 ounces per square yard, the ECX-500 is a little heavier than the OFX-100 and provides very good ESD performance, with a surface resistivity of 106 ohms/sq.

For heavy industry applications and where warmer garments are preferred, the Nylostat fabric may be the best option. As our most durable Tech Wear fabric, the Nylostat fabric is comprised of 19% cotton, 80% polyester and 1% cotton and protects clothes from dust, dirt and solder splash. With a surface resistivity of 1011 ohms/sq, this fabric is ideal for environments that are less static-sensitive.

Need help deciding which Tech Wear style or fabric is best for you? Watch our Tech Wear video below or contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 537-0351 or for assistance.

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Tech Wear’s X2 garments are designed to work in conjunction with 3M’s 724 Workstation Monitor. This popular 3M workstation monitor provides immediate notification when a wrist strap malfunctions or when it is being worn improperly. Before the invention of Tech Wear’s X2 garments in 1998, the only way to track an operator’s charge imbalances was with a dual-snap wrist strap that measures surface resistivity on the skin.

However, when used with 3M’s 724 Workstation Monitor, Tech Wear’s X2 garment design includes both the wearer and garment in the monitored loop. The X2 jacket or coat makes contact with the operator at the two wrist cuffs (one cuff is connected to the garment’s fabric and the other cuff is connected to the monitor snap by an isolated conductive path). You can see the path of the electrical circuit in the image to the left.

All-Spec carries Tech Wear’s X2 jackets and coats in several colors with sizes ranging from X-Small to 5XL. From now until March 31, 2011, stock up on Tech Wear garment items at reduced sale prices.

To learn more about how Tech Wear’s X2 garments work with the 3M 724 Workstation Monitor, visit Tech Wear’s website for a detailed description.

Photo courtesy of Tech Wear