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Jonard Force Gauge

(special thanks to Jonard for guest blogging the content below!)

Jonard Force Gauges (also referred to as Dynamometer or Tension Gauges) are all ergonomically designed industry standards for measuring force.

Jonard offers 3 different styles of force gauges: large and small force gauges, economy push- pull force gauges, and push-pull precision force gauges. These gauges are used by a multitude of industries including the electronics, telecommunications, business equipment, medical, automotive, chemical, plastics, machinery, manufacturing plus many others…with over 1000 different applications for measuring, calibrating, standardizing, testing and evaluating.

How do you use a GD Series Gauge? Measuring anything using a Jonard Force gauge is simple, fast and easy. Just place the point of the gauge arm perpendicular to the force to be measured. Reading can be taken in both directions – clockwise and counter-clockwise, and with the maximum reading pointer you have your measurement saved for easy reference. For example, these gauges are perfect for testing the nose wind vane and cable tension in most commercial aircraft. They are being used on nuclear submarines, plus many other more mundane applications.

So, who else really uses force gauges and what do they use them for? The Railroad Industry for one. Have you ever noticed the arms that come down to stop traffic while you are sitting at a railroad crossing? Our GPP series gauges are used to calibrate these arms. These same gauges are used for the arms that keep you from leaving a parking garage. We also sell our GPP push-pull precision forces gauges to slot machine companies; they use them to calibrate the tension on the wheels that spin inside the machines. Our gauges are also used in manufacturing and testing the tension on Robotic arms at Ford and GM plants and testing springs on toys manufactured by Playschool.

One of the best examples and my personal favorite for real life applications was a call we received from a gentleman at a nursing home. He called to tell us our GPP precision push-pull gauge made life around the nursing home much easier. He was having an issue with the weight of the doors and the force required to open them. Some of the elderly were having trouble opening the doors. He used a GPP-5 to test the strength of his residents and he adjusted the doors accordingly. He was very happy to share his story and he wanted to give us a personal “thank you.”

Jonard Industries Corp. Logo From high tech testing of robotic arms in manufacturing, to testing the force required to lift a traffic arm, to opening a door for grandma, to nuclear submarines and Boeing aircraft, Jonard Force Gauges cover a wide array of applications for everyday life.

All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of Jonard tools. Jonard is a leading manufacturer or professional and precision hand tools for use in a variety of industries including CATV, telecom, fiber optic and electronic.