MicroCare’s TidyPen is one of All-Spec’s more popular items, but that’s not very surprising since it’s such a versatile cleaner/tool.

The TidyPen is designed to be an efficient and economical tool for a variety of people and tasks in the home, office and industrial environments.

Common uses for the TidyPen:

  • Remove tape residue and glues
  • Remove labels, stickers, barcodes, etc..
  • Remove tar from your car
  • Spot clean PCBs

In addition to being versatile, the pen is easy to use, easy to store and spill proof, even if nib falls out.

Trying to go green? The cleaner in TidyPens is natural, biodegradable and safe for the environment, plus the TidyPen is aluminum so it can be recycled when empty!

You can see the MicroCare TidyPen in action in the video below.

We recently reduced the price of the MicroCare TidyPen and we stock both the TidyPen plus chisel and pencil point replacement nibs!