We are pleased to announce that our building facelift and the addition of our new warehouse, are finally complete!

New All-Spec Warehouse






The addition of our warehouse began in June and will provide us with an additional 12,000 square feet to our current warehouse as well as a second loading dock. In an effort to make warehouse operations more effective, we also added a new heavy-duty, electric fork lift and will include the same motion sensor, energy efficient lights that are installed in the current warehouse.

New All-Spec Warehouse 2







To better serve our customers’ needs, the much-needed additional space will total 38,000 square feet, allowing for additional stock.

“The extra storage space will benefit customers due to the fact we’re able to carry more product and therefore, more complete shipping and less backorders. Before, we were limited on our storage capacity, “ said warehouse manger Michael Lafleur.

Finished Front of All-Spec Industries







As we have documented over the last few months, the upgrade of the front of our building, which began in September, involved construction, painting and landscaping.

With an improved building and warehouse, All-Spec Industries is more prepared than ever before to serve our customers. We look forward to continuing to grow our business with you!


We wanted to give a special shout-out to our warehouse crew, who are working extra hard this time of year to get all of our customers’ purchases out as quick as possible!

They are well equipped to handle all of your holiday orders so if you’re still shopping, check out our gift idea blog for some great gift ideas from All-Spec.com!

Warehouse Sweatshirts









A very proud warehouse crew modeling their brand new All-Spec sweatshirts!


It’s been almost two months since we’ve given you guys an update on our warehouse addition. Things have been moving along but most of it has been happening behind closed doors so there hasn’t been much to take photos of.

Well just recently they cut the doorway between our current warehouse and the new warehouse:

our new warehouse

Here’s a better look inside:

our new warehouse2

The walls won’t stay pink, that’s just the building material that they’re using.

We’re loving all the natural light that comes through. Our new warehouse also has the same green light we had installed in our current warehouse.

We don’t have occupancy just yet but we hope to in a month or so.

Also, they’ve just started working on the facelift for the front of the building so make sure you stay tuned for that update.

front of building preparing for facelift front of building getting painted


















We’re really excited because it’s going to look great! Be sure to check back with us!