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I. Thou shall not remove tip when soldering iron is powered “on.” Doing so can cause heating element to rise up to approximately 1300°F, resulting in thermal shock and reduced heater life.

Weller Logo II. Thou shall maintain a damp iron sponge, preferably with de-ionized water.

A drenched, as opposed to damp, sponge will bring the temperature of the tip down too drastically, causing thermal shock and reduced tip life. For lead-free solder, a dry cleaner method is recommended.

III. Thou shall not disconnect soldering iron from base unit when powered “on.” Disconnecting or reconnecting the soldering tool from the base unit while powered on may cause a short between non-compatible pins, resulting in damage to the base unit or pencil.

IV. Thou shall maintain a coating of solder on working area of soldering iron tip. Doing so protects the tip from oxidation.

V. Thou shall never drop soldering iron while heated. Dropping the soldering tool while heated may cause thermal / mechanical shock to the heater, sensor, or tip (fractured plating).

VI. Thou shall not throw soldering iron into soldering tool stand. This will have the same effect as Commandment V.

VII. Thou shall never use soldering iron as a crowbar or pry tool. Doing so could chip or pit finish on tip, rendering it useless.

VIII. Thou shall not use sharp or serrated objects to remove tip from soldering iron. This will have the same effect as Commandment VII.

IX. Honor thy “KGB” (Known Good Base). Do not plug a non-working soldering iron into a KGB. This could cause damage to the base.

Weller Soldering Station X. Thou shall turn the station down to lowest setting or use pre-programed set-back when not in use. Turning the station down during non-use periods will prevent severe thermal cycling of the tool. However, tools that are not being used for extended periods of time should be turned off.


All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of Weller. We stock a large number of Weller products including soldering irons, soldering tips and soldering stations. Weller soldering products are known for their ease of use and durability.


Weller Contest Winner Update!

by Andy on April 9, 2012

Oldest Weller Contest After announcing the winner for our Oldest Working Weller Soldering Tool Contest back in January, we are happy to share some updated photos from our winner!

Michelle from McHenry, Illinois owned a Weller WD-135 soldering gun dating back to 1949 and that very gun won her a Weller WD1002T grand prize.

Weller WD1002T Packaging

Weller WD1002T Her prize arrived in three boxes and we are glad she shared them with us!




Michelle with her WD1002T StationCongratulations again, Michelle!


Weller Soldering Tool Contest!

by Andy on October 11, 2011

We’re on the lookout for the oldest Weller soldering tool that still works!

Do you have an old Weller soldering tool that still works? If so, we want to see it! Simply submit a picture of it for the opportunity to win a brand new Weller WD1002T soldering station.

Plus, all entries will receive an All-Spec mug boss desk organizer.

Entering is easy. Just email a clear picture of your Weller tool along with your name and address to: marvlop@all-spec.com. The approximate age of the tool and any background information about the tool is also encouraged.

Here’s what you need to know:

1.) Pictures accepted October 1, 2011-December 31, 2011.

2.) The winner will be announced January 16, 2012.

3.) The decision of the judge is final and that judge will be a Weller representative.

4.) Do you collect old Weller tools? Submit a picture of each one!

These are the kind of tools that we’re looking for:

Old Soldering Gun

Old Soldering Iron               Old Soldering Station















Old Soldering Iron 2
















Have questions? Just email us! marvlop@all-spec.com


Kahnetics Is Now Part Of Weller

by Andy on April 11, 2011

As trusted names of Cooper Hand Tools, you’re probably familiar with Weller soldering equipment and Kahnetics dispensing supplies. But now you’ll only have one name to remember. As of recently, Weller has absorbed the Kahnetics brand name.

All-Spec Industries is still carrying the Kahnetics dispensing products that you’ve seen in the past, but they are now listed under the Weller brand name. The following product lines have changed names:

Replacement Syringe Needle

Replacement Syringe Needles

Choose from over 50 plastic and metal needles in various colors and sizes.


Syringes & Components Syringes & Components

We carry manual and air operated syringes with their accompanying accessories.


Benchtop Shot Meters Benchtop Shot Meters

These dispensing systems feature vacuums and come with or without a timer.


Have a question about Kahnetics, Weller or another Cooper Hand Tools brand? Call us at (800) 537-0351 for help!


Weller WX2 Two-Channel Soldering Station Weller has once again increased the standards in soldering with its new Dual Channel WX2 Control Unit. Built based on customers’ suggestions, the new Weller WX2 offers an innovative design with numerous features to boost efficiency and productivity. With a quick heat-up time and high capacity, the WX2 simultaneously powers two 120W tools or a single iron with up to a 200W rating.

The Weller WX2 soldering station is energy efficient and environmentally friendly; its standby and auto-off functions extend bit life and reduce energy consumption. In addition to being anti-static, its glass backlit LCD touchscreen is also chemical- and temperature-resistant with menu navigation options in multiple languages.

More Weller WX2 features include:

  • Energy-saving sleep mode detects when device is not in use
  • Automatic tool recognition
  • Able to manage fume extraction units, heating plates and programmable logic controller
  • Temperature, speed and status are all shown in the touchscreen display
  • Multi-purpose USB port for personalization and updating settings
  • Smart WX tools to record all parameters within the iron

Also be sure to check out the Weller WX2020 (includes two WX120 soldering irons) and the Weller WX2021 (includes Weller WXMP Micro Soldering Iron).