WES51 vs WESD51

by Andy on June 12, 2007

In order to fully understand the differences between the WES51 and the WESD51 (anWeller WES51 Soldering Stationd their advantages and disadvantages), you first need to know some of the similarities they share.

The WES51 and the WESD51 are both soldering stations that include a power unit, a PES51 soldering pencil with an ETA solder tip, a PH50 stand, and a sponge. They are both designed for continuous production soldering and can display both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Their innovative heaters and sensor combinations allow for quick heat-up and fast temperature recovery. In addition, outside operators are prevented from adjusting the temperature to levels higher than necessary by wireless temperature lockout. This gives you complete control over the soldering process. Both are UL and cUL listed as well as ESD safe.

Although the WEWeller WESD51 Soldering StationS51 and WESD51 have only a few differences, they are relevant enough to push some users to one or the other. The WES51 uses only analog adjustments for temperature settings, while the WESD51 uses digital temperature readout. With the digital LED display on the WESD51 you can read both the set temperature and the actual tip temperature. This allows the user to not only accurately set the temperature, but check the temperature of the soldering pencil at any time allowing for more precision and process control. The digital screen can also be more easily read than the dial setting on the analog WES51.

The Weller WES51 and the WESD51 are both available on All-Spec’s website!

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