Weller WFE 2ES Review

by Andy on July 5, 2007

Soldering, adhesives and laser work are at many times present in an engineeering environment. The fumes and pollution in these work areas usually exceed the safety threshold and put workers at risk. The new WFE 2ES Weller Volume Extraction System is designed to filter 99.5% of these pollutants and help maintain a safe working environment.Weller Zero-Smog

Here are a few key features of the WFE & 2ES:

    • F5-class fine dust filter
    • Puratex compact H12 filter
    • Brushless and maintenance-free turbine
    • Low noise emission
    • Wide range of accessories

In addition to these features, the WFE 2ES needs no on-site  installation by a professional adding to the effeciency of this system.

To check out the Weller WFE 2ES, visit All-Spec’s website.

Want a visual on how the WFE 2ES works? Check out the video below.

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