NETcat Pro NC-500 Review

by Andy on August 31, 2007

NETcat Pro NC-500 Greenlee has recently released its new advanced wiring troubleshooter. The NETcat Pro NC-500 is one of the newest members of Greenlee’s growing LAN product line.  The NC-500 is designed for accurately checking cables, wiring, and network service in a fast, efficient manner. This product also has many other features that users will find informative, useful, and easy-to-use.

The purpose of the NC-500 is to troubleshoot a range of network wiring. It generates four distinct precision tones for tracing low-loss cables like Category 5 and 6. It can detect shorts, opens, reversed, crossed, and split pairs. Active network devices (Hub or PC) on 10/100 Base-T networks can also be identified with the NC-500.

Aesthetically, the NETcat Pro NC-500 is a very easy tool to work with. It has a back-lit touch screen display that can be used with a fingertip or the built-in stylus. The NC-500 proves its usability with the easily navigable screen. From the screen you can control a range of tests from fault finding to time domain reflectometer length measurement. The display language can be set to English, Spanish, French, or German.

The NETcat Pro NC-500 works best with its accessory kit, the NC-510. With this additional kit’s seven expansion remote test modules, you can uniquely test shielded or unshielded twisted pair and coaxial cables eight at a time from a central location. These remote units also let you identify each jack. It also provides full wire-map and fault display, as well as each pair’s length.

Some additional features of the NC-500 are:

-Tests UTP and STP wiring and coaxial cables
-TDR shows length of each pair for distances between zero and 2000 feet
-Office identification using remote ID units
-Uses a 9V battery and also has a low battery indicator

Visit Greenlee’s NC-500 page for more information on this product or check out more NC-500 stats here.

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