OKI PS-800E Review

by Andy on September 17, 2007

OK International has come out with a new soldering system, the PS-800E. This new soldering station is designed for repetitive manual soldering and touch-up. The PS-800E is a little different than the existing PS-800. It has a new coil assembly and tip range that has a larger conductive areas than the PS-800. This bigger area makes the thermal energy transfer easier from station to tip. This, along with the tip’s design, makes lead-free soldering a heck of a lot easier.

The PS-800E (along with the PS-800) is made to be used with SmartHeat PowerTips Heater Tips and the PS-CA2 Coil Assembly. This allows high quality products to be made quickly and safely.

A big line of large diameter, high power tips have been developed by OK International for the PS-800E. These types of tips result in an extended tip life without diminishing tip performance.

There are many concerns regarding the high thermal demands of soldering with lead-free alloys, but these are addressed with the PS-800E’s enhancement of its tips’ thermal transfer abilities.
Another great feature of this soldering station is the innovative work stand. It goes to sleep automatically, which helps increase the life of the tip by letting the cartridge sit at a lower temperature. This also reduces oxidation and power used.

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