What is NIST?

by Andy on September 10, 2007

What is “NIST” exactly? That is a question we get a lot from our customers. NIST, a government agency, stands for “National Institute of Standards and Technology.” NIST explains what they do on their website in quite a bit of detail, but a summary of what they do is fairly easy to understand.

We live in a world that is constantly evolving and coming up with new technology every day. These technologies include nanotechnology, information technology, and advanced manufacturing. In order for these new technologies to advance and compete with each other, a production standard must be kept. NIST sets these standards with tools that evaluate and measure each product in order to keep a level playing field for all competing companies.

Extech Multimeter So when you order a product that is NIST-certified, you aren’t just receiving a more expensive product, you are getting something that has been tested and evaluated by NIST. For example, if you order a NIST-certified Extech multimeter from All-Spec and order the same NIST-certified product from a competitor, the product will be exactly the same in specifications. This is guaranteed for up to a year.

All-Spec Industries carries many NIST-certified products that are available for electronic production, service, repair, and testing.

Here are some interesting NIST facts:

– The headquarters are in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
– One of NIST’s laboratories uses an atomic clock that serves as the nation’s official time.
– For the 2006 fiscal year, NIST had a budget of $930 million dollars.
– Everything from milk to CD players to seat belts depend on NIST for regulation.

For more information on NIST and what they do, frequently asked questions, and NIST news visit their website here.

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