How to build your own ESD-Safe workbench

by Andy on October 8, 2007

ESD-Safe Workbench Many times building your own workbench or workstation for electronics work will save you money, and will also allow you to choose what accessories you may want.

First off, you should choose which brand of workbench that you want. Remember that when choosing accessories, you should stick to one brand. All-Spec carries a lot of reputable workbench brand names such as Arlink, IAC, Pro-Line, and WSI.

Before you begin, choose the type of bench you need. Each brand carries a basic workbench or an ESD bench. You will also need to choose between a modular bench versus and a production bench. Once you choose the type of bench you need, begin to think about how much work space you need. We carry sizes from 30”x48” all the way up to 36”x96.” However some brands only come in a couple of sizes.

Each bench comes carefully constructed to be economical, sturdy, and ergonomic, and is built for allowance of accessories. For some brands, you can choose whether you want an add-on unit. For this you must also make the ESD versus basic workbench and the modular versus production choice as well. These units let you configure a line of workstations.

Now you are ready to start choosing your accessories. Like the workbenches, the shelving can either be standard or ESD. The sizes of the shelves depend on the brand and the type of bench that you start with.

Next you may want to look at an electrical power strip. This is a must since you will most likely be using tools that require electricity. There is usually only one available for your bench type; however, there are some brands that have them for your shelves as well.

Here are a few other things that you may want to consider when purchasing accessories for your workstation:

  • Light fixture: This adds to the visibility of the project you’re working on.
  • Tool trolley: You can use this to hang your tools.
  • Bin rail: Lets you hang industry standard bins. Easily adjustable and comes in different sizes.
  • Drawers: Heavy duty. Can be stacked to establish desired configuration. Depending on the brand, you can choose from box drawers, regular drawers, or file drawers. If lock isn’t already included, there is an option to buy one.
  • Footrest: Can choose from a footrest bar and an Ergo footrest (requires tube).

Not all of the accessories are listed here. Visit our workstation page for more parts and information.

All-Spec also offers benches that are kitted with the most standard parts from each brand with quikship available. If your bench top happens to wear out, we also offer replacement bench tops or ESD matting to prolong its life.

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