Review of Master UT-100Si-TC

by Andy on October 1, 2007

Master has finally come out with a tool kit to fulfill all your needs. The Master UT-100Si-TC Ultratorch Professional Heat Tool Kit features their UT-100Si Ultratorch, three Ultratip soldering tips, a hot knife tip, a hot air tip, a heat shrink reflector, a wire cutter, needle nose pliers, a roll of 60/40 solder, a sponge, a cap, and a stand all packed in a sturdy plastic case.

Everyone, from field service technicians to auto mechanics, will love this kit. Ultimately it has everything you’ll need for soldering and desoldering, heat shrinking tubing, removing surface mount components, and repairing vinyl.

Here are some more details about the Master UT-100Si-TC:


  • adjustable temperature up to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit
  • self-ignition button
  • built-in fuel filter
  • lightweight (only 5.5 oz.)
  • UL listing for durability and safety

Ultratip soldering tips:

  • use Ultratip technology
  • has oxygen-free copper base, a ceramic catalyst, and thick chrome and iron plating for longer tip life
  • perfect for use with lead-free solder

The storage case for the kit also has an extra slot for a can of butane fuel and a soldering tip. Check out All-Spec’s site for even more about the Master UT-100Si-TC.

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