The Weller WES51 vs. the Hakko 936-12

by Andy on February 11, 2008

The Weller WES51 soldering station and the Hakko 936-12 soldering station are often compared when it comes down to buying a new soldering station. Below are some basic facts about each model.

Weller WES51 Soldering Iron

Weller WES51:

-Temperature: adjustable 350°F – 850°F within ±9°F

-50W, 120 V input (line voltage) and 24 V output

-Automatic shutoff after 99 minutes to prolong station and tip life

-Works with Weller ET series tips

-Cordless temperature lockout prevents temperature from getting higher than specified for board or component

-Non-burnable silicon rubber cord attached to iron

-Iron design reduces fatigue

-Comes with power unit, soldering iron, iron holder with sponge and ETA tip

Hakko 936-12 Soldering StationHakko 936-12:

-Temperature: adjustable 392°-896°F within ±1.8°F

-60W, 24V

-Lock screw prevents accidental temperature changes

-Compact unit

-Compatible with lead-free solder

Comes with station, ESD safe iron (Hakko 907), tip (Hakko 900M-T-1.6D) and iron holder with sponge

– accommodates large, medium or small irons

Both the WES51 and the 936-12 are ESD safe, have slim handled irons for comfortable use and both stations have a heater/sensor combination for rapid heat-up and recovery.

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