[IT Announcement] – XML services; it’s what’s for consumption!

by Andy on December 3, 2009

Hello all you XML-inclined developers,

I’ve been working on some fun toys for integration and general geeky playtime. This first set of tools will be limited and restricted on a request-only basis, but it will give us all a feeling of how popular such tools would be to our valued customers and their coders and integrators. If we get good feedback and the level of acceptance is high then we will be upgrading to more complicated services. Here’s the scoop.

What services are available for consumption?

  • Real-time stock/availability by All-Spec SKU#, including stock quantity and lead time
  • Real-time pricing, by All-Spec SKU#, with quantity break structures, minimums, carton quantity, and various other data elements
  • Real-time product information, by All-Spec SKU#, consisting of a wide range of data elements including the previous shorter queries, product specifications(if available), image links, MSDS/Spec file links, and any other data we think is tasty enough for public consumption

Plans are in place for an XML search engine so that you can locate SKUs by manufacturer, manufacturer part# and/or keyword.  You can then use the SKUs to obtain additional info.

There’s no SOAP here yet, so it can get dirty. The initial tools are traditional HTTP queries that return text/xml content formatted for the specific service requested. Format specification docs for the XML services will be available soon. If you are interested in integrating with these tools drop me an e-mail and I’ll be glad to compose a multi-thousand word e-mail describing every morsel of geeky goodness. Or, I can just send you what I’ve written in the docs so far.  Phone calls are OK, but not preferable. I would probably talk about integration solutions and connectivity methodology for an hour and neither of us would get any work done.

If interest is high and integrations are successful, then we will consider adding real SOAP services to handle price quote requests, ordering, shipping estimation, and even product/order tracking. First things first, though. Show us some interest! Send me an e-mail.

[UPDATE  Dec 9 2009]

The XML search tool is now available. Also, order status and shipment history inquiry is available as well.

Glen Batchelor


IT Director/In-House Geek

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