New Techspray Self-Closing IPA Wipes Are Completely Over the Top!

by Michelle S. on September 9, 2013

How often have you reached for a container of IPA wipes, only to find the contents half-full, dried-out, and completely useless? In any environment, simple carelessness can equate to both wasted spending and increased emissions. Don’t just watch your money evaporate! Simplify and save with Techspray’s new self-closing IPA wipe dispenser.

Lint-free and tear-resistant, Techspray’s latest product addition features a unique, flip-top tub designed to spring closed automatically. Eco-friendly and impervious to even the most chronically forgetful users, Techspray’s new self-closing wipes will leave you with more of what you’ve paid for, and with one less thing on your mind.

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