Worth a Thousand Words: All-Spec Is on Instagram!

by Michelle S. on September 27, 2013

We love to discover new ways to share essential information with our customers. For years we’ve used various social media platforms to help keep you informed about new products, business developments and current happenings at All-Spec. Many of you already know that you can find us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but you may not realize that we’ve also added Instagram to our growing social media presence.

With its inherently visual presentation, we’ve found that Instagram offers an incredible way to share key information with a wide viewer audience. Here you’ll find exclusive photos and quick, informative how-to videos – all in 15 seconds or less, so you can get the information you need and get right back to work. Just follow us at http://instagram.com/allspecindustries and you’ll always have a fast, first look at the big picture.

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