A Breath of Fresh Air – Free HEPA Filters with Select Weller WFE Fume Extractors

by Michelle S. on October 7, 2013

Clear the air of dangerous smoke and fumes caused by lead, flux and solvents in your industrial or manufacturing workplace. With an effective and user-friendly design, WFE fume extractors are designed to get rid of pollutants before they get to your people – decreasing the risk of related downtime and potential health liabilities.

Few things are more crucial to your working environment than air quality – so why wait? There’s never been a better time to invest! Through December 31st All-Spec is offering a FREE Compact H12 Hepa Filter Cartridge with the purchase of select WFE fume extractor units and kits. Select from the options listed below, and save up to $185.80 off list price.

WFE2CS – Save $112.00!
WFE2ES – Save $185.80!
WFE2ESKT1 – Save $112.00!


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