Built to Order – Custom Toolkits Made Easy

by Michelle S. on October 14, 2013

Why limit yourself to a toolkit that just doesn’t fit? We make it easy to create a custom solution that’s designed uniquely for you, so you can select the tools that make sense and leave out the ones that don’t. With our tailor-made kits, you’ll replace complicated orders with a single part number and ensure that all your workers have the proper tools across the board. Save time and increase productivity while reducing the likelihood of workplace injuries and associated liability from using the wrong tools.

 If a prefabricated toolkit isn’t right for you, throw a wrench in the works. Invest in a standardized custom option from All-Spec and keep the right tools for your workers close at hand. Simply visit our custom toolkits web page to get started. Together, we’ll create a solution that’s built just for you.

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