Come Clean: Keeping Your Cleanroom Spotless

by Michelle S. on December 30, 2013

When is cleaning ever convenient? While it’s an essential component of the cleanroom environment, the process can be disruptive to the orderly flow of manufacturing and critical applications. It doesn’t have to be – get a handle on the process with three simple tips for a cleaner cleanroom.

Protocol: Get rid of the guesswork. Operators should be provided with clear, written directives including which objects to wipe, how often and what cleaning agents to use. Each person should be tested, trained and retrained regularly.

Convenience: Make it easy. Wipers should always be readily accessible to operators, in plain view and within arm’s reach. Not only will this provide the opportunity to perform necessary tasks, but it will offer a visual reminder as well.

Auditing: Check your work. It’s important to garner feedback on consistency and effectiveness to ensure protocol is being followed correctly. Usually audits are performed for visual appearance under high illumination or through surface sampling.


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