Stick Around – Discover Specialty Adhesive Tapes from 3M

by Michelle S. on December 9, 2013

Whatever your application, 3M offers the perfect adhesive tape. With options including aluminum foil, PTFE film, polyurethane and glass cloth, you’re bound to find the right solution for your unique environment. So go ahead, get attached! Read on to learn more.

Aluminum Foil Tape Seals and protects sensitive surfaces from dust, moisture, heat damage and hot spots. UV and weather resistant, foil tape has a high thermal conductivity and heat reflectivity to maximize efficiency.

PTFE Film Tape Available with silicone or non-silicone rubber adhesive, PTFE film tape has a high temperature resistance, excellent tensile strength, and remains unaffected by virtually all chemicals.

Polyurethane Tape Protects surfaces from corrosion, abrasion and minor impact damage. Resistant to punctures, tearing, UV light and erosion, this durable tape can be painted over or applied to painted surfaces.

Glass Cloth Tape With a thermosetting adhesive, glass cloth tape provides an increased bond for areas with a high ambient temperature. Essential for electrical applications, this tape is UL-listed for continuous use up to 200°C (392°F).

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