10 Essential ESD Containers and Their Uses

by Michelle S. on March 14, 2014

Proper storage and handling of your sensitive devices can be critical to the tasks you perform every day. From bins to bottles, there are a range of container options to suit virtually any component. Read on for a list of our most popular ESD receptacles and the applications for each.

  1. Conductive Corrugated Bins – An economical way to eliminate static control bag requirements, conductive corrugated bins offer a perfect option for shelving storage.
  2. ESD-Safe Bins – Our ESD-safe conductive plastic bins feature electrical properties that are unaffected by cleaning and can be easily stacked for organized, accessible parts storage.
  3. Conductive Corrugated In-Plant Handlers &Totes – Used for board handling and transport, in-plant handlers and totes are a great way to avoid expensive bagging operations.
  4. ESD-Safe Totes – Dissipative or conductive, our ESD-safe stackable plastic totes can be used to hold circuit boards, components and more for easy organization and handling.
  5. Conductive Corrugated Mailers & Shippers – Conductive corrugated offers a cost-effective way to safeguard delicate components during shipping while providing essential ESD protection.
  6. ESD-Safe Bottles – Constructed of static-free plastic, ESD-safe bottles reduce the chance of damage to electrical devices and can be used to hold a range of liquids and solvents.
  7. Round Containers – Versatile round containers can be used to store and handle a variety of sensitive devices requiring protection from static discharge and static fields.
  8. ESD-Safe Beverage Containers – Safely consume beverages in your workspace without fear of spills, leakage or damage to sensitive components. 
  9. Hinged Boxes – With an attached lid for added protection, hinged containers safeguard against static fields and buildup for storage and transportation of circuit boards and
  10. ESD-Safe Trash Cans – Ideal for cleanroom, manufacturing, inspection, and research industries, ESD-safe trash bins provide a proper waste receptacle for any static sensitive environment.

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