Are You Using the Best Cleanroom Tape?

by Michelle S. on March 3, 2014

Particle-free with zero residue, our new UltraTape solutions are designed exclusively for use in critical environments. Available in UltraClean (Class 100 – Class 1 cleanroom) and Classic Clean (Class 100,000 – Class 1,000 cleanroom) options, we offer a range of tapes to suit virtually any application requirement. Read on to learn more about UltraTape cleanroom tapes, in stock now at All-Spec.

All-Purpose Tape – With a durable vinyl backing, this tape is a perfect option for tool and floor marking. Available in Classic Clean or UltraClean varieties to meet a range of critical requirements.

Aerospace Permanent Adhesion Tape – Ideal for fastening or plastic sheeting applications, this double-sided UltraClean polyester tape has a Class 1 cleanroom rating.

Barrier Tape – This bright, non-adhesive UltraClean polyethylene film is used to section off hazardous areas, with a Class 1,000 cleanroom rating.

ESD-Safe Tape – Easily removable with no adhesive residue, this general-purpose UltraClean tape has a cleanroom rating of Class 1.

Super-Tack Tape – Constructed of a highly adhesive material, these tapes are ideal for any application requiring a strong bond. Available in both Classic Clean and UltraClean options.

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