Kester 245 Vs. 275 Solder Wire

by Michelle S. on March 7, 2014

Both Kester 245 and 275 no-clean solder wires can be used in either lead bearing or lead-free soldering, leaving a clear, non-corrosive and non-conductive residue. So which is best for your application? Read on to discover what makes them different.

Kester 245 is engineered to complement low-residue fluxes used in electronics production.  Proper use results in a clean assembly with clear residue – yet the soldering quality is equivalent to that of mildly activated rosin flux.

Kester 275 was developed to offer superior wetting performance for hand soldering in electronics production, and to reduce spattering typical of other core fluxes. The results are an extremely clear post-soldering residue with no cleaning.

Kester 245 and 275 solder wires are available in a range of alloys, wire diameters and flux percentages to meet your application demands. You’ll find them both online and in-stock at All-Spec for less.   ­­­

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