Three Reasons to Invest in Desco’s New Viper Ionizer

by Michelle S. on March 10, 2014

Why choose the new Viper from Desco? This unique, point-of-use gun neutralizes electrostatic charges at the touch of a button. With a built-in power supply and rapid discharge time, the Viper ionizer includes a series innovative features that will blow you away.

1. Ergonomics – Lightweight and easy to use, Viper guns align the center of gravity with the natural grip of your hand. And at less than ½ pound, working with this ionizer will never weigh you down.

2. Design – With status indicator LEDs and a long handle-trigger to reduce finger tension, the Viper even accommodates multiple power sources with a simple change of blades.

3. Performance – The Viper delivers consistent ionization with longer hose lengths and slotted nozzle tips for optimal pressure relief. No additional remote control or high voltage power supply is required.

Competitively priced with unrivaled ergonomics, performance and design, the new Viper air gun from Desco has got it all – and we’ve got it for less. Shop online and find yours today at All-Spec.

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