Two Industry Favorites: IDEAL Stripmaster vs. T-Stripper

by Michelle S. on March 26, 2014

Throughout the industry, professionals have come to rely on IDEAL strippers to get the job done. But are you using the right one? Read on to discover the differences between two of our most popular styles, and decide which works best for your application.

Stripmaster® – With knife-type blades to reduce nicking, cutting and fraying of commercial wires, the Stripmaster’s levering action provides stripping and slug removal in a single step while holding wire centered firmly in the stripping hole. The Stripmaster Lite incorporates the same features, but it is three quarters of the Stripmaster’s size and conveniently designed for users with smaller hands. This option requires 1/3 less hand pressure for operation.

T®-Stripper – With its tough steel construction, the T-Stripper’s sturdy plier nose design offers added gripping strength for demanding applications. Form-grounded knife-type blades ensure accurate stripping, with laser-etched wire gauge markings as a guide. The T-Stripper features a spring-loaded automatic opening, a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish and comfort-grip handles to reduce operator fatigue.

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