Which DeoxIT Should I Use?

by Michelle S. on March 17, 2014

With five unique formulas, DeoxIT solutions are engineered to effectively improve the performance and reliability of your electronic equipment. But which one is right for your application? Here, we break down the benefits and uses for each series.

DeoxIT D-Series: This fast-acting solution cleans, improves conductivity, lubricates and protects by dissolving oxides and sulfides that form on metal surfaces. For use with metal connections, batteries, light bulbs, switches and relays, jacks and plugs, harnesses, grounding blocks and more.

DeoxIT Gold G-Series: Ideal for gold and all nonferrous metal surfaces, this formula seals, conditions and protects to maximize system performance. Use it with computer connections, audio/video connections, low voltage devices, switches, RCA jacks, test equipment and even critical applications.

DeoxIT Shield S-Series: An essential for maintaining new system performance, this solution offers long-lasting protection in harsh environments where high humidity, pollution, sulphur, salts or acids are a factor. Apply to wire and cable, industrial computer equipment, and marine or industrial contacts.

DeoxIT FaderLube F-Series: Engineered to lubricate and protect plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal surfaces, this formula offers improved performance and long-lasting protection. Use it with conductive plastics, faders, switches, and carbon-based controls.

DeoxIT Val-U Series: This fast-drying, economical solution is designed for general purpose use for applications where flammability is not a concern. Use this plastic-safe formula for cleaning and removing fluxes, light oils, waxes, greases or silicone.


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