Metcal MX-500 vs MX-5000

by Michelle S. on April 7, 2014

With the launch of their updated MX-500 soldering station design last year, Metcal redefined an industry icon. And now, with the introduction of their next-generation MX-5000 system,  Metcal delivers more flexibility than ever before. Here, we’ll reveal the benefits of each – read on to discover which is best for you.

Metcal MX-500: Responsive and extremely precise, the innovative, all-new Metcal MX-500 hosts a series of innovative features for highly controlled heating and consistent reliability. Featuring a universal power supply for 100-240V operation, the MX-500 automatically adjusts to input voltage. With a new ground fault interrupt function, this system automatically detects power line ground failures and shuts down, resuming only once power is restored.

Metcal MX-5000: Building on all the strengths of the MX-500, the ground-breaking new MX-5000 features SmartHeat® Technology to ensure processes are performed at safely regulated temperatures, and includes an adjustable-angle handpiece cradle with auto sleep stand. The MX-5000 is compatible with two new handpieces: the lightweight Metcal Advanced™ with three unique interchangeable grips for added comfort, and the slim-profile Metcal UltraFine™ for very fine mini- and micro-component soldering.

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