Simco-Ion: PC Personal Bench Ionizer vs Aerostat XC Extended Ionizer Blower

by Michelle S. on July 23, 2014

When it comes to benchtop ionization, Simco-Ion is the clear choice for many. The brand’s popular PC Personal Bench Ionizer and Aerostat XC Extended Ionizer Blower are each great options, both inherently balanced to 0 ± -5V with a patented emitter point cleaner and lifetime emitter points. But when it comes to localized coverage, which ionizer is best?

More compact and lightweight, the PC Personal Bench Ionizer offers slightly less extensive coverage of 1’x5’ for a targeted work zone. The Aerostat XC Extended Ionizer Blower is designed for wider 3’x6’ coverage with an integrated heater for operator comfort.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll find both the Simco-Ion PC Personal Bench Ionizer and the Aerostat XC Extended Ionizer Blower right here at All-Spec. Shop for these and other Simco-Ion essentials today.

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