3 Common ESD Symbols and What They Mean to You

by Michelle S. on August 13, 2014

How familiar are you with ESD symbols and signage? Not all were created equal, and slight differences can have a big impact in your ESD sensitive environment. Read on, and learn more about the significance of these three commonly used ESD symbols.

ESD Susceptibility
: Characterized by a reaching hand in a triangle with a slash through it, this symbol implies that a component or device is susceptible to the damaging effects of ESD.


ESD Protective: This symbol features a reaching hand within a triangle and an arc around the image. It is used to identify equipment that is designed specifically to offer ESD protection.


ESD Common Point Ground: Typically yellow and black or black and white, this image resembles a bull’s eye, and is meant to indicate a common point ground as defined by ANSI/ESD-S6.

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