How Can Engineered Fibers Make YOUR Cut Resistant Gloves Better?

by Michelle S. on August 11, 2014

What’s even better than the cut resistant materials you’ve come to rely on for protection during everyday tasks? Constructed of two or more components, gloves knit with engineered composite yarns provide the highest levels of cut resistance while maintaining maximum dexterity. Typically consisting of a strong, slick textile like Kevlar® combined with a hard material such as steel, the combined characteristics result in a knit that is far superior to those constructed of just a single element.

Lightweight and high performance, engineered fiber cut resistant gloves can be essential to applications ranging from industrial or automotive production to food preparation or even glass, metal and ceramics work. The most versatile cut resistant option available, All-Spec offers a complete range of engineered fiber gloves at better prices every day. Find the perfect pair for your application and save.

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