Industry Roundup: Our Top 5 News Picks of the Month

by Michelle S. on August 25, 2014

Here at All-Spec, we’re always on the lookout for relevant, informative articles to share in our monthly Industry Roundup. Read on for a few of the best publications and most informative articles we’ve found during the past several weeks.

Saving Energy in Cleanrooms – Learn more about ways to reduce energy consumption in the cleanroom based on real examples and figures. 

Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics: A Growing Opportunity The worldwide market demand for flexible, printed, and organic electronics is expected to reach $76.79 billion by 2023.

Gas Detection in Cleanrooms – Discover why the addition of gas detecting equipment has achieved a new level of safety in the modern-day cleanroom.

 Jibo: The World’s First Family Robot – Developed by MIT’s Media Lab and scheduled for production within the following year, Jibo is the world’s first family-friendly robot.

 NASA Turns to 3D Printers to Make Tiny Space Cameras – In the first attempt to build an entire high-tech instrument entirely through 3D printing, NASA is using this state-of-the-art new process to construct tiny space cameras.


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