Top 5 FAQs: MicroCare Sticklers®

by Michelle S. on September 1, 2014

Used around the globe to achieve cleaner connectors and faster networks, Sticklers from MicroCare are a popular seller here at All-Spec. Read on to discover some of MicroCare’s most commonly asked questions surrounding their Sticklers range of products.

  1. What happens if fiber optic connectors are not perfectly clean? Cleaning should be the top priority for any associate in contact with an optical network. Contaminated fiber optic connectors can lead to costly troubleshooting and re-working of the connectors. Each connector should be cleaned every time it is touched.
  2. What’s wrong with using alcohol to clean fiber optic connectors? Slow-drying with a pronounced aroma, IPA is highly flammable, considered hazardous and contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the environment and restricted in many areas. Ideally, a dense, non-flammable and non-hazardous fiber optic cleaner should be used instead.
  3. What is the shelf life of Sticklers products?  When stored properly – meaning kept in a cool, clean and dry location away from direct sunlight – Sticklers products have an unlimited shelf life.
  4. You say your solvents dry fast. What is the drying time? Although drying rate depends on temperature and relative humidity, it’s estimated that Sticklers dry at least 25%-50% faster than IPA alcohol.
  5. Why is inspection and cleaning necessary before EVERY fiber connection installation? Studies have shown the presence of mold release agents present on the connector end-face of new jumpers due to manufacturing processes. It is therefore critical to clean even a brand new end-face.


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