2 Types of Static Control Solutions: Do You Know the Difference?

by Michelle S. on October 10, 2014

Topically coated vs. inherently ESD-safe items: how are they different? Learn more below, and discover the best option for your application.

Topically Coated: When non-ESD-safe items are coated with an ESD-safe material, this coating can wear away over time with continued use – meaning the item underneath will eventually lose its ESD-safe properties.

Inherently ESD-Safe: Because these items are actually constructed of or embedded with a material that is inherently ESD-safe, they are permanently ESD-safe with protective properties that cannot wear away – making these items ideal for prolonged use.

Whatever type of static control solution you’re looking for, make All-Spec your single-source destination for a comprehensive range of ESD solutions. Look to us for great savings on the essentials you rely on each day.

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