6 Reasons to Love Loctite Anti-Seize Lubricants

by Michelle S. on January 2, 2015

Rust, corrosion, seizing or galling can leave you feeling the heat when it comes to extreme temperature manufacturing applications. Protect and lubricate six ways with Loctite’s Anti-Seize line, specifically designed to enhance performance in a range of intense conditions:

  1. Ease assembly/disassembly tasks
  2. Protect metal components from corrosion
  3. Extend life of essential fittings
  4. Reduce pressure, part breakage and downtime
  5. Stand up to high temperatures with metal-specific formulas
  6. Achieve a more consistent clamp load

All-Spec carries a range of Loctite Anti-Seize lubricants to address various temperature limits and work environments. Which is right for yours? Discover the perfect solution online or contact us today to learn more.


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