Texwipe CleanFoam® vs. Alpha®: Which is Best for Your Application?

by Michelle S. on March 2, 2015

Trusted in cleanrooms all over the world, Texwipe swabs are engineered to deliver cleanliness and consistency, with a range of swabs created to tackle virtually any task. Get a handle on the best swab for your application, with a look at two of our most popular options below – both in stock now at All-Spec.

CleanFoam: Constructed of polyurethane foam, CleanFoam swabs feature a 100 ppi open-cell structure for excellent capacity and cushioning. Low in nonvolatile residue and particle generation, this swab offers good chemical resistance and excellent sorbency. It’s perfect for use in the cleanroom for application or removal of liquids, solvents and lubricants.

Alpha: This polyester cleanroom swab is designed for reduced fiber release and extreme cleanliness. Soft and nonabrasive, the Alpha swab features low particle generation and excellent chemical resistance. This cleanroom essential is excellent for use on sensitive surfaces, sampling, and cleaning validation.


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