4 Steps to Calibrate Your Hot Air Tools

by Julie S. on May 15, 2015

Despite the large selection of nozzles on the market today, calibrating your hot air SMD rework tools doesn’t have to be a difficult process. That’s not just a bunch of hot air.

Before you start, verify proper operation by testing different settings of the heat and airflow controls, and grab your equipment. You’ll need the Hakko FG-100 Thermometer, Hakko A1310 Thermocouple Probe, Hakko A1130 Nozzle for FR-801 and a Mitutoyo 500 Series Digimatic Caliper.

Then, just follow these steps:

1. Set it up. It should look like this:

hot air tools setup

2. Turn it on. Set the temperature control to 4 and the air control to 10L.

3. Read the temperature. Check the display on the FG-100. It should read 750° F. ± 10% (400° C. ± 10%).

4. Evaluate the results. If the peak reading is within the limit above, the unit is within acceptable tolerance. If it’s not, verify the nozzle and probe are vertically and horizontally aligned. If the temperature remains out of tolerance, adjust the CAL pot, and allow the temperature to stabilize after each adjustment.

The 10% error tolerance is an estimate, but following these four easy steps should yield satisfactory results with minimal expense and time.

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