All-Spec’s ESD-Safe Field Service Kit: Your Key to Servicing

by Julie S. on May 4, 2015

Static sensitive work on the go requires a durable, reliable solution to reduce the potential for sparking and shorting. Although static damage can occur anywhere micro-electronic components are used, ESD sensitive devices are the most susceptible to damage during servicing.

All-Spec’s ESD-safe field service kit provides effective static protection when you need to perform in-field repair or installation of cards. When properly grounded, the mat will remove the electrostatic charge from conductive objects placed on it.

Its vinyl work surface is wear-resistant, so it won’t crack or tear, and features two pockets to stow away cords. For added safety during transport, the All-Spec 304AS comes with a clear, antistatic storage bag. This field service kit also includes an adjustable wrist strap and a 15-foot, dual common-point ground cord.

Protect against ESD damage with the kit that contains everything you need for the work you do in the field.

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