The BMP 51 Label Maker Kit: It’s the Most Qualified Candidate for the Job

by Julie S. on May 8, 2015

BMP 51 Label Maker KitStandard legends need not apply. Now, when you need to visually communicate workplace safety you can get the job done with custom labels—in a snap. Print your label at 1 inch per second with the Brady BMP 51 Label Maker Kit.

It’s not only fast, it’s also really smart. It’s a portable printer that is Bluetooth enabled, so it can print from your network wirelessly. Use the mobile app with your Android phone to create, save, edit and print your labels on the go. You don’t need to schlep your laptop with you.

The BMP 51 prints high-resolution, continuous and die-cut labels that are up to 1.5 inches wide for use in audio/visual labeling, labs, product identification and more. The kit comes in a hard case with everything you need to get started, including a Quick Start Guide, LabelMark software and a label cartridge.

And, this label maker is rugged; it’s ideally suited for harsh environments and all kinds of temperatures. Did we mention it can withstand a 4-foot drop onto concrete? Choose the best candidate for the job, and tackle your toughest labeling tasks with no fear.

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