Transform Your Circuit Board in 5 Easy Steps

by Julie S. on May 20, 2015

When it comes to unique circuit board modifications, why not turn to the pro and MacGyver it? All kidding aside, sometimes unusual modifications and component additions are necessary. Ever stack components or mount them upside down?

Here’s a modification that is on its way to becoming part of IPC documented guidelines.

Transform Your Circuit Board

Axial lead component soldered to through-hole component leads.


For more modifications, just follow these “tricks” of the trade. You can learn how to bend the rules and do it safely:

  1. Secure added components with adhesive if the component leads or body will undergo mechanical stress.
  2. Consider placing components end-to-end where applicable.
  3. Place added components on the component side of the assembly or circuit board unless otherwise specified.
  4. Consider insulation for added component leads that may come into contact with component body or other conductors.
  5. Remove existing solder in the connection to avoid bridging or excess solder in the final connection.

CircuitMedic understands out-of-the-ordinary applications and meets your needs with a variety of circuit board repair kits, equipment and adhesives, to name a few.

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