Typhoon Surge or Typhoon Blast: Which Duster is Right for You?

by Julie S. on May 27, 2015

Typhoon Surge and Typhoon BlastCompliant with global warming regulations? Why not blast away debris, and embrace the aerosol dusters with an ultra-low global warming potential of 6?

Chemtronics makes it easy to be clean and safe. Both the Typhoon Surge and the Typhoon Blast reduce your environmental footprint because they’re specially formulated to minimize the use of global warming compounds. Both dusters are safe on plastics and remove annoying particles from hard to reach surfaces. And, both dusters are completely nonflammable. So, which duster is right for your application?

Select the Surge for a more economical, lower output duster solution.  It’s perfect for removing debris from keyboards and office equipment. Need to remove surface contamination from electronic equipment? No problem! The Surge is the sure bet.

The Typhoon Blast 70 Duster boasts the bigger blast with a .70mm nozzle opening. Filtered to 0.2 microns, the Blast cleans particles from contacts and relays and removes debris from precision optics.

Whether you need a surge or a blast, these dusters leave the competition in the dust.

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