7 Steps to a Sterile Isolator

by Julie S. on June 15, 2015

Isolator Cleaning GuideIs your isolator maintaining its required microbial grade? Sure, it’s designed to keep contamination at bay, but you still need to clean and disinfect it on a regular basis. If your decontamination process falls short, you could be looking at long-term contamination, including vegetative bacteria, viruses, molds and more.

Control contaminants and protect your critical environment in seven, simple steps:

  1. Do your prep work. Have you tried Texwipe’s wipers pre-wetted with 70% IPA? They’re perfect for wiping down gloved hands and cleaning products.
  2. Use a quarter-folded wiper wetted with IPA or a pre-wetted wiper and begin wiping in this order: ceiling, back wall, side walls and deck. Remember to watch out for the filter! For hard to reach areas, use an isolator cleaning tool and mop cover moistened with IPA.
  3. Work from high to low, clean to dirty, dry to wet.
  4. Use overlapping strokes in straight, parallel lines.
  5. Change wiper surface with each stroke.
  6. For corners and tight areas, use swabs moistened with IPA.
  7. Place wipers, swabs and covers in a disposal bag or place through the disposal port.

Don’t compromise your clean air device. Follow these guidelines for the particle-free protection your environment requires.

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