More Power to You: How You Can Turn Down the Heat and Power Up with SmartHeat Technology

by Julie S. on June 17, 2015

What is SmartHeatEver wonder why conventional soldering irons rely on constant power and variable tip temps and not the other way around? As your tip temperature rises to accommodate bigger joints so does your risk of overheating and damage.

Not so with SmartHeat. With a Metcal SmartHeat soldering iron the tip temperature is constant, and the power automatically adjusts for the job at hand. The result? A conduction soldering system that creates reliable connections by sensing the exact thermal requirement for each solder joint. SmartHeat lets you maintain a high degree of control without cranking up the tip idle temperature, which comes in pretty handy with your lead-free alloys.

In addition to power on demand, a SmartHeat soldering iron:

  • Increases tip life
  • Reduces risk of overshoot
  • Does not require calibration
  • Delivers high throughput at lower temperatures
  • Is easy to use

Power mavens, maintain control of all your soldering and rework applications with versatile SmartHeat solutions from Metcal.

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