Save Your Water-Damaged Devices from Going Down the Drain

by Julie S. on June 5, 2015

Save Your Water-Damaged DevicesHurricanes, floods and fire suppression can wreak havoc on electrical equipment. When catastrophic water damage strikes, you don’t necessarily have to ditch any and all devices. Just follow these four, simple steps to strike back and salvage these critical assemblies.

  1. Rinse

Rinse your equipment thoroughly with clean water to remove salt, sediment and particulate matter. You won’t cause further damage by rinsing. Disassemble and flush all interior parts until the rinsate is clean. Then, stand it on end to drain.

  1. Remove

Remove remaining oil, grease and other contaminants. For plastic-safe precision cleaning, consider Chemtronics’s Electro-Wash® PX. Spray thoroughly or dip your equipment in the solvent and agitate while submerged. Allow it to drain and dry completely before returning it to service. For heavy-duty jobs on non-plastics, try Max-Kleen® Xtreme® Heavy Duty Degreaser.

  1. Protect

Protect bare metal with a contact lubricant to help prevent oxidation and corrosion. Consider DPL Deep Penetrating Lubricant. Electrical components not embedded in plastics can be protected with Kontact Restorer®.

  1. Test

Last but not least, test your equipment before operating to be sure you’ve achieved correct resistance levels. You may need to repeat step 3. When you get the go-ahead, energize your equipment under no-load conditions.

When you’re ready, ease into normal operations, and put your mind at ease. Recovering your electronic equipment from catastrophic water damage is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

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