Don’t Break Your Neck: Save It with Mantis Eyepieceless Microscopes

by Julie S. on July 13, 2015

Don't Break Your Neck--Save It with Mantis Eyepieceless MicroscopesOptical inspection of PCBs can be a real pain in the neck. Craning it to see through your microscope’s eyepieces for a good chunk of each day will do that. Did you know strained body posture leads to operator fatigue, decreased productivity, increased wastage, errors, injuries and absenteeism—each of which is associated with increased costs?

Feast your eyes on Mantis “eyepieceless” microscopes with 3D optics. These microscopes have unrivalled freedom of head movement, plus an ergonomic working position. Optical ergonomics eliminates eye strain, too. With these microscopes, you sit back from a viewer, which is beneficial for a number of reasons. For starters, you sit upright, you don’t crane your neck to see anything, and you can wear your glasses. The viewer eliminates the eye strain associated with traditional microscopes because it allows ambient light to enter the eyes.

Plus, Mantis elite and compact series microscopes provide users with the same ease of use as bench magnifiers but with magnification capabilities up to 20x greater. You can even see around a subject when you move your head from side to side. Inspection, rework and soldering tasks come to light with true color LED illumination, providing shadow-free, high-resolution images—for 10,000 hours! Clearly, you’ll be glad you saved your neck.

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