New SCS Verification Tester: Overcome Your Obstacles in Less than 5 Minutes

by Julie S. on July 22, 2015

New SCS Verification Tester--Overcome Your Obstacles in Less than 5 MinutesSometimes the most rewarding paths have the most obstacles. And sometimes resistance in your path means unsafe working conditions. The new Verification Tester 724VK2 from SCS sets the record straight.

The verification kit provides periodic testing of the SCS 724 Continuous Workstation Monitor, which provides instant notification when a wrist strap isn’t working properly or when it’s not being worn properly.

Not sure if your monitor is operating within tolerances? With this tester, you can perform NIST traceable calibrations, so you never have to second guess your monitor’s operating limits.

And, it practically eliminates any downtime; you can test your monitor in less than five minutes on the shop floor of your workstation! All you have to do is select the resistance value on the knob, and turn the switch to test each limit.

Check out its settings:

  • Low: 1.5M
  • Pass: 1.5M
  • Pass: 10M
  • High: 10M
  • Pass: 35M
  • High: 35M

It may not always be the path to least resistance, but the SCS 724VK2 tester will definitely keep you on track.

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