New Electric Glue Set to Expand Commercial Adhesives Market

by Julie S. on August 31, 2015

New Electric Glue Set to Expand Commercial Adhesives MarketResearchers from Singapore recently developed a glue that hardens when a low voltage is applied to it. The electric glue, nicknamed “Voltaglue,” offers promising adhesion for a number of applications because it’s not affected by environmental conditions.

Scientists note its usefulness when bonding materials under water and replacing sutures during surgery in human tissue. In the near future, for example, Voltaglue could aid in underwater repair work for ships and pipes. Voltaglue could also replace 20 minutes of careful suturing in human tissue with a two-minute application.

In all applications, the hardness of the glue is adjusted by the length of time the voltage is applied.

Glues that can cure and be uncured through electricity would allow automakers and shipyards to assemble and disassemble parts with ease, minimizing the need for bolts, nuts and screws. Reversible glue also opens up new possibilities in the global adhesives market in transportation applications, an industry worth about $3.3 billion in the United States alone.

This innovative research was published in Nature Communications, a peer-reviewed scientific journal under the Nature Publishing Group.

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