Reverse Action Tweezers: Hold onto This 1-Minute Review

by Julie S. on August 7, 2015

Reverse Action Tweezers--Hold onto This 1-Minute ReviewDoes reverse psychology get you what you want? Sometimes it works, and sometimes it backfires. Not all reverse actions are so touch-and-go. For inspection applications that are more “touch-and-hold” than touch-and-go, reverse action tweezers come in handy.

Reverse action tweezers, also called “negative action” and “cross action” tweezers, are generally used when small items must be held for a minute or longer and not just picked up and placed. Traditional tweezers close and grip objects when you apply pressure and open when you release your grasp. Reverse action tweezers, on the other hand, work the exact opposite way. Their tips are closed when not in use and open when you squeeze them. What’s great about this design is you don’t have to apply continuous pressure in order to maintain your grip.

Also convenient is they feature the same types of tips as standard tweezers.

Save your hand as well as your sanity. Consider All-Spec’s selection of reverse action tweezers; no reverse psychology is needed.

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